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Preparation for Cisco Certification. CCNA Level

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About course

The Cisco certification opens many doors for the system administrator. For the employer, this is a guarantee of your knowledge and skills.

This course prepares you for the Cisco CCNA Certification, a comprehensive exam for beginners. We will analyze each topic from the official program (ITN, SRWE, ENSA) and prepare for the exam procedure 🤓

Course program

Introduction to Networks (ITN)

Networking Today

Basic Switch and End Device Configuration

Protocols and Models

Physical Layer

Number Systems

Data Link Layer

Ethernet Switching

Network Layer

Address Resolution

Basic Router Configuration

IPv4 Addressing

IPv6 Addressing


Transport Layer

Application Layer

Network Security Fundamentals

Build a Small Network

Switching, Routing and Wireless Essentials (SRWE)

Basic Device Configuration

Switching Concepts


Inter-VLAN Routing




SLAAC and DHCPv6 Concepts

FHRP Concepts

LAN Security Concepts

Switch Security Configuration

WLAN Concepts

WLAN Configuration

Routing Concepts

IP Static Routing

Troubleshoot Static and Default Routes

Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation (ENSA)

Single-Area OSPFv2 Concepts

Single-Area OSPFv2 Configuration

Network Security Concepts

ACL Concepts

ACLs for IPv4 Configuration

NAT for IPv4

WAN Concepts

VPN and IPsec Concepts

QoS Concepts

Network Management

Network Design

Network Troubleshooting

Network Virtualization

Network Automation

Completion of the course

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At the end of the course the student will know

  • what modern network technologies are
  • network models and their protocols
  • how IPv4 and IPv6 work
  • principles of network security
  • switching rules
  • how to troubleshoot network problems

At the end of the course the student will be able to

  • configure switches and end devices
  • configure routers
  • organize small networks
  • design networks
  • configure and secure hardware
  • troubleshoot problems
  • virtualize and automate networks

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