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Learning Forms

We all have different needs. We know about this, so we came up with several teaching formats. Everything in order to study with us was convenient.

  • Online

    • Online webinars
    • Twice a week in the evening
    • Access to materials 24/7
    • From anywhere in the world

    The most popular format. We run online classes on the Moodle platform. Materials for studying theory and practice will be in your personal account. We hold lectures twice a week in the evening.

    Courses Online
  • Offline

    • Not available until the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war
    • Theory from our materials
    • Practice with a teacher
    • Twice a week in the evening
    • Access to materials 24/7

    Suitable for those who are used to classroom lessons. You will receive our materials for self-study of theory, and practice will take place in our center 2 times a week from 19:30 to 22:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dates of practice are assigned to each student personally.

    Courses Offline
  • Lessons Records

    • Get lessons records
    • Theory from our materials
    • Help of the teacher
    • Learn at any time

    You will get access to training materials and recordings of lectures. You will have 2 hours of consultations with your teacher, which can be continued as needed. We will definitely send you a test snippet to get you familiar with the course.

    Courses Lessons Records
  • Corporate

    • Online/offline
    • Choose the location
    • Schedule and intensity on choise
    • For legal entities only

    A very flexible format for those who need to improve their skills or learn a new direction. We will match almost all the details of the course: time, location, workloads and necessary topics. We can teach one technology or make a unique program for the needs of employees.

    Courses Corporate
  • Individual

    • Online/offline
    • Lessons between 10:00 and 17:00
    • Choose the intensity
    • Maximum — 3 people

    The logic is simple: the fewer students, the more attention the teacher will pay to each. We teach both online and offline within the format. We recommend it if an individual approach and the highest teaching efficiency are important to you.

    Courses Individual
  • Intensive

    • Choose the intensity
    • Study all day
    • Minimum — 4 people

    Format for those who need to quickly acquire new knowledge. Keep in mind that you need to set aside time during business hours. If you are ready for high loads, but want to complete the course in a short time, click on the button rather.

    Courses Intensive

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