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Virtualization Technologies on Linux

10 000 UAH

3 weeks 6 lesson

10:00 - 17:00

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About course

Virtualization gives flexibility and scalability to your resources. If you know how to work with virtualization, this allows you to minimize the downtime of capacities and respond to failures faster.

Virtualization helps business, and we help you become more valuable to business. In the course, we will teach you how to work with different types of virtualization and apply them in practice.

What do you need to take the course?

  • You need to understand the following topics: text editors, user and group management, file and directory permissions management, Linux process management.

  • Iptables, network configuration in NAT mode and in bridge mode, troubleshooting for network connections; package managers, getting information about the versions of installed programs and packages available for installation in repositories, a general understanding of the work of web servers.

Course program



Introduction. Types of virtualization, technology capabilities.

KVM virtualization


Technology capabilities, installation, creation and management of virtual machines based on KVM


Installation and configuration of virtualization based on KVM, network configuration, VM installation, VNC configuration for managing guest OS.

VmWare Virtualization


Vmware Esxi. Overview of components for managing virtual machines, network, disk storages in vmware esxi.


Installation, creation and management of virtual machines, network, disk storages in vmware ESXi.

Virtualization at the operating system level. LXC/LXD


Technology Opportunities. Overview of LXC/LXD components, resource management, network configuration.


Installing and configuring virtualization based on LXC/LXD. Network setup in LXC/LXD.

Virtualization based on Proxmox.


Possibilities of Proxmox technology. Standalone server and Proxmox PVE cluster.


Setting up backup and updating Proxmox to new versions.


Installation and configuration of Proxmox, network configuration, VM installation, installation of LXC containers running Proxmox.


Theory of building clusters, distributed file systems in Proxmox


Setting up a PVE cluster of 3 nodes.

Container virtualization. Docker


Technology capabilities, installation, creating containers based on Docker, writing a Dockerfile, launching containers.


Installing and configuring Docker, writing a Dockerfile and managing containers.

Project Work



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At the end of the course the student will know

  • types of virtualization and the difference between them: hardware virtualization, paravirtualization, virtualization at the level of operating system
  • scope of hardware virtualization based on KVM
  • scope of application of hardware virtualization based on Vmware Esxi
  • how to apply virtualization at the operating system level, LXC/LXD technologies, OpenVZ
  • scope hardware virtualization based on Proxmox
  • scope of Docker container virtualization

At the end of the course the student will be able to

  • choose the needed type of virtualization based on the tasks
  • install and configure virtualization based on KVM, install VMs running different operating systems, configure the network between VMs
  • install and configure Vmware Esxi; configure data storage for virtual disks, internal and external network; install VMs running different OS
  • install and configure virtualization based on LXC/LXD technology, configure the network using external and local addresses
  • install and configure Proxmox, configure the network in NAT and Bridge mode for virtual machines
  • install and configure Docker, create and manage Docker containers
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