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Beginner level

Asterisk VoIP administration. Basic level.

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About course

In this course we will make you an expert in Asterisk IP telephony — a flexible tool with free open source. If you know how to work with Asterisk, the cost of your services in the labor market is higher than that of a regular administrator.

What do you need to take the course?

  • The basics of Linux. We advise you to take the Linux Administration for beginners course or go through an interview with our teacher. This will ensure us that you will complete the course successfully.

  • Take your laptop with you for offline learning. To practice online, you need a good internet connection.

Course program


Lecture 1

History of Asterisk, versions. Installation from packages and from sources.

Lecture 2

Asterisk configuration files and directories. Asterisk CLI command line interface.

Practical lesson 1

Practice of installing Asterisk from packages and from sources.

Basic Asterisk setup

Lecture 3

Basic Asterisk setup.

Lecture 4

SIP protocol. Creation of telephony accounts. Connection to providers. Work with equipment. IP phones, analog phones, VOIP gateways, GSM gateways, soft-phones.

Practical lesson 2

Basic setup of Asterisk, creating accounts, connecting equipment and providers.


Lecture 5

The concept of exten, context, dialplan. Templates, macros. Dialplan commands.

Lecture 6

Recording of conversations. Voice menu IVR. Call statistics CDR.

Practical lesson 3

Practice of writing dialplan from scratch.

Additional functions of Asterisk

Lecture 7

Additional functions of Asterisk. Music on hold, call parking, transfer, hold.

Lecture 8

Graphical interfaces for managing Asterisk. Asterisk GUI. FreePBX, AsteriskNOW.

Practical lesson 4

Practice on additional Asterisk functions and graphical interfaces.

Final exam + project work

Passing the final exam

Project work

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Course catalog Course catalog

At the end of the course the student will know

  • principles of operation and areas of application of IP telephony
  • advantages and functionality of Asterisk (IVR, CDR, call recording, queues, etc.)
  • how to create users and route calls
  • possibilities of basic configuration and complex dialplan; non-standard settings
  • Asterisk server management console
  • integrate Asterisk with third-party systems (AMI, AGI)

At the end of the course the student will be able to

  • prepare the environment for the operation of the Asterisk IP telephony server
  • install the basic Asterisk package and advanced functionality
  • manage users, call routing
  • maintain the telephony server with using the Asterisk console and graphical interface (FreePBX)
  • customize the server configuration for specific needs and tasks

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