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Administration of Docker

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About course

Docker is a software for managing isolated Linux containers. It solves a number of problems with the development process and its infrastructure, therefore it has become an important part of modern IT.

A Docker needs to be configured and maintained in order to function properly. In this course, we will teach you how to interact with Docker containers and make the program part of the entire infrastructure.

What do you need to take the course?

  • You should complete the course Administration of cloud providers or Systems with high loads on Linux. Or go through an interview with the teacher before starting the course.

  • You need to know how to work with the LAMP/LEMP stack: configure DNS servers, manage databases, work with SSL certificates, and transfer web projects from server to server. This knowledge is needed to successfully complete the course.

Course program



Docker Features. Comparison with other virtualization and containerization technologies. How Docker works, the concept of images, Dockerhub and other Docker repositories.



Structure of Dockerfile, commands of Dockerfile. Writing the first Dockerfile from scratch. Installation of Docker on Linux. Docker console commands.

Docker and Networking


Networking and Docker, networking options for Docker containers. Port forwarding, internal DNS. Mounting Volumes.

Environment variables


Environment variables when running Docker containers. Multistage builds of Docker containers.

Docker Compose


Docker Compose. Docker Compose features, docker-compose.yml syntax. Launch of the applications consisting of multiple containers.

Dockerization of a service


Dockerization of a service from scratch, launching it in the "cloud". As an example - a site in PHP.

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At the end of the course the student will know

  • advantages of Docker over similar services
  • how Docker works and its capabilities
  • console commands of the application
  • structure of Dockerfile and Docker Compose files
  • how to organize networks for Docker containers
  • rules for building containers
  • how to dockerize a service from scratch

At the end of the course the student will be able to

  • install and configure Docker
  • write Dockerfile from scratch
  • create networks for containers
  • work with environment variables
  • build containers in several stages
  • launch applications from several containers
  • dockerize services from scratch

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